If you want to run a bot in this wiki, please, apply for a bot status first (here or on meta). Don Alessandro 16:22, 2010 s. noyabrniñ 4 (UTC)

Hi! It is stated on page Vikipediya:Botlar that this wiki allows automatic approval of certain types of bots. According to policy the bot should make 100 edits before I can apply for the bot status. So I cannot understand what rules I broke and why the bot got blocked. Regards, --DixonD 19:57, 2010 s. noyabrniñ 4 (UTC)
Sorry. There were several "old" bots actively working without a flag recently, so I've block them all and you, too.
You are unblocked. Don Alessandro 22:02, 2010 s. noyabrniñ 4 (UTC)