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Pumpkin Pie.jpg
A pumpkin pie


Several pumpkins


Hadrian's Wall west of Housesteads 3.jpg
A stretch of Hadrian's Wall about 1 mile west of the Roman Fort near Housesteads, seen on October 27 2007


Colours of autumn in a Polish forest


Red Barn Ontario (2231)-Relic38.jpg
Barn in Rural Ontario, Canada during October 2007


View from Gile Mountain fire tower in autumn.jpg
View from Gile Mountain fire tower in autumn


The tree is on fire.jpg
Autumn leaf colors


Fall foliage peak times in the United States


Devil's bridge 2.jpg
Fall at The Devil's bridge in in the Rhodope mountains, Bulgaria


Autumn leaves, Talcott Mountain State Park.jpg
Autumn foliage seen from the ridge line in Talcott Mountain State Park in Connecticut