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:I moved them to commons (see [http://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Special:Log/upload&user=SPQRobin my log]). Could you please add categories, because you know probably better who they are, so in which categories they have to be. Thank you, [[Qullanıcı:SPQRobin|SPQRobin]] 13:51, 2008 s. iyülniñ 11 (UTC)
Could you please add a '''source''' (and category) to the following images, otherwise '''they will be deleted''' (by the Commons admins). [[Qullanıcı:SPQRobin|SPQRobin]] 15:19, 2009 s. mayısnıñ 11 (UTC)
* [[commons:File:Azam_Amet.jpg]]
* [[commons:File:Amdi_Alim.jpg]]
* [[commons:File:Ablay_Samil.jpg]]
* [[commons:File:Bekir_Vaap.jpg]]
* [[commons:File:Irgat_Qadir.jpg]]
* [[commons:File:Ennan_Alimov.jpg]]
* [[commons:File:Mennan Camanaqli.jpg]]
* [[commons:File:Maqsud Suleyman.jpg]]
* [[commons:File:Mamut Dibag.jpg]]
* [[commons:File:Osman Batirov.jpg]]
* [[commons:File:Osman Amit.jpg]]
* [[commons:File:Tair Usein.jpg]]
* [[commons:File:Seitnafe Seitveliyev.jpg]]
* [[commons:File:Uzeir Abduramanov.jpg]]
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