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: -{Просто здесь дружелюбная к не-носителям атмосфера (<small>«[[Vikipediya:Эльчихане/Ру|Если вы боитесь, что недостаточно хорошо пишете по-крымскотатарски, не беспокойтесь]]»</small>) и пробовать переводить не страшно. А в казанско-татарской Википедии страшновато наделать ошибок (особенно с учётом, что «конструктивность вклада» меряют знанием языка).}- [[Qullanıcı:Хтосьці|-{crh-cyrl: Хтосьці; crh-latn: Chtości}-]] ([[Qullanıcı muzakeresi:Хтосьці|muzakere]]) 07:34, 2019 s. sentâbrniñ 9 (UTC)
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'''Share your experience in this survey'''
A couple of weeks ago, we invited you to take the Community Insights Survey. It is the Wikimedia Foundation’s annual survey of our global communities. We want to learn how well we support your work on wiki. We are 10% towards our goal for participation. If you have not already taken the survey, you can help us reach our goal! '''Your voice matters to us.'''
Please take 15 to 25 minutes to '''[https://wikimedia.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0pSrrkJAKVRXPpj?Target=CI2019List(ceewps,act3) give your feedback through this survey]'''. It is available in various languages.
This survey is hosted by a third-party and [https://foundation.wikimedia.org/wiki/Community_Insights_2019_Survey_Privacy_Statement governed by this privacy statement] (in English).
Find [[m:Community Insights/Frequent questions|more information about this project]]. [mailto:surveys@wikimedia.org Email us] if you have any questions, or if you don't want to receive future messages about taking this survey.
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