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: 2) There are also many instances of words in this wiki that are mixed Latin and Cyrillic text (for example, the article on [[Ümer İpçi]] has many e's that are actually Cyrillic е's. Mixed-script words are not currently transliterated. If you would like to comment on how that should be addressed, please provide your opinion here or on ticket [https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T186811 T186811].
: Thanks. —[[Qullanıcı:TJones (WMF)|TJones (WMF)]] ([[Qullanıcı muzakeresi:TJones (WMF)|muzakere]]) 16:37, 2018 s. fevralniñ 8 (UTC)
== Galicia 15 - 15 Challenge ==
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'''[[:w:en:Wikipedia:Galicia 15 - 15 Challenge|Wikipedia:Galicia 15 - 15 Challenge]]''' is a public writing competition which will improve improve and translate this list of 15 really important articles into as many languages as possible. Everybody can help in any language to collaborate on writing and/or translating articles related to Galicia. To participate you just need to sign up [[:en:Wikipedia:Galicia 15 - 15 Challenge/Participants|here]]. Thank you very much.--[[Qullanıcı:Breogan2008|Breogan2008]] ([[Qullanıcı muzakeresi:Breogan2008|muzakere]]) 13:50, 2018 s. martnıñ 12 (UTC)